February 26, 2009

Madonna, Oprah on charity trip

Father to Madonna's adopted son David will have a chance to reunite with his son any time this year as the celebrity is arranging travel of the man to the UK.The revelations come in a wake of fresh speculation that the celebrity is to soon jet into Malawi to raise funds for her charity - Raising Malawi - and the Bingu Silver Grey Foundation.
The second Madonna trip to Malawi in the company of popular talk show host Oprah Winfrey is being shrouded in secrecy. However, Yohane Banda, father to David said in an interview at his base at Lipunga in Mchinji central Malawi that he was aware that the pop star was visiting. 
Banda said he was earlier informed that he would soon meet his son as the pop star was coming into the country on a charity mission. He could however not give more details saying most of his contact with the star is through intermediaries.
Banda further revealed that he was told that he will be travelling to the UK where he would have the opportunity to see his child as he had his travel documents processed. However, he said the trip initially failed when the media got it that he was travelling to the UK to see his son turned celebrity.
Meanwhile, sources within the ministry of tourism confirmed that the two high profile women will be jetting into Malawi for charity fund raising shows that are to be done in the lake shore district.

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