August 13, 2009

Authorities go forward all over the country against neo-Nazi

After the attacks on a coloured CDU politician in Thuringia the public prosecutor investigates against the NPD. Also in Cologne and Berlin the criminal proceedings authorities go forward against the rightist extremists. The Federal Court of Justice prohibits a commemorative march for the Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess in the Bavarian Wunsiedel.
The NPD and other radically right-wing groups move even stronger than up to now in the crosshair of the German security services. The public prosecutor's office of Meiningen has initiated after the NPD attacks on the swarthy CDU electoral assistant Zeca sound inquiries against the Thuringian NPD. The suspicion is checked for incitement of the people, insults and tried constraint, said a speaker of the authority.

Sound in a communication had called the NPD "CDU-rate black" and had requested to the "journey home". The radically right-wing party wants to look for own stating the "direct conversation" with sound and animate him "directly in addition" to begin a new life in his native country Angola. When NPD members appeared on Wednesday in sound place of residence Hildburghausen, they received according to police data place references for the lane in which the electoral assistant lives.
Also in Cologne the public prosecutor's office goes forward against the NPD. She investigates against people responsible of the NPD circle federation because of the suspicion of the incitement of the people. Background is an election campaign call of the Cologne NPD on the Internet., Among the rest, in it one says, one wants to put an end to delinquents with migration background. As a result the Cologne left-wing party had put charge. According to the public prosecutor's office the state protection department of the Cologne police with the other inquiries was instructed.
In Berlin the police at a raid searched eleven flats of supposed leadership cadres of the organisation of the extreme right "front spell 24". Besides, were made sure uniform parts with badge as well as weapons, anaesthetic and advertising means with swastikas how a police speaker reported.

Occasion of the action was the public appearance of eleven men in uniform at the age of from 20 to 46 years and a 39-year-old woman. This is an offence against the meeting law according to which it would not be allowed to demonstrate uniformed, explained the speaker. The a good 2-hour application with 60 officials has taken place in the whole city, with a main focus in the district upper nice pasture in the district of Treptow-Köpenick. There were not arrests.
„Front spell 24“ counts according to the Berlin protection of the constitution to one of the fastest growing neo-Nazi's organisations in Berlin. The group is active since end of 2008. At the end of June she had according to a report about 60 members. Some of them also took part in a NPD rally on the 1st of May in Köpenick. The name "Front spell 24" probably orientates itself of a precursor's organisation founded in 1924 of the paramilitary national-socialist fight organisation "SATURDAY".
The Federal Constitutional Court prevented from neo-Nazi's planned commemorative march for the Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess in the Bavarian Wunsiedel. The court rejected an express application against from the administrative court Bayreuth confirmed ban of the meeting announced for 22nd of August of right-wing extremists.
Heß is buried in Wunsiedel. Already during the past four years the planned commemorative marches had been prevented in Wunsiedel by courts. Now the Karlsruhe constitutional guardians explained once more, the right-wing radical can be expected to wait for the basic treatment of the ban of the Hess demonstrations in the constitutional-judicial central issue procedure.
In parallel with the Wunsiedel decision the Federal Court of Justice (Federal Supreme Court) lifted a judgment of the district court of Gera against a man who wanted to spread T-shirts with the label of the forbidden organisation of the extreme right „Blood & Honour“. The English translation of a forbidden Nazi slogan is not punishable just like that, decided the Federal Supreme Court. Though it concerns with the label „Blood & Honour“ the translation of the Hitler's youth slogan „blood and honour“ whose use is punishable. If such a slogan is translated, it is not to be classified according to Federal Supreme Court, nevertheless, more than sign of an unconstitutional organisation.

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