August 04, 2009

Swimming star in disco beats up

The swimming world championship in Rome has been finished with a regular kettledrum "blow". Markus Rogan should have been knocked down in a disco. The Austrian was beaten up supposedly in a bar by four bouncers and had to go in the hospital. The police and public prosecutor's office determine. According to the disco operators Rogan (27) should have danced in the "Shilling" completely drunken with a broken bottle in the hand, writes the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard" with reference to "Il Messaggero". Then for safety reasons the swimming star was put before the door what did not fit this at all. Rogan asked again for entry. Shortly after it should have come to a wild scrap. The Austrian was hit supposedly green and blue and had to go even for a short time in a wheel chair because he could not run on grounds of a foot injury any more. Rogan had to be treated in the Roman private clinic "villa of Stuart" medically where he underwent a computer tomography and also spent the night to Tuesday. The 27-year-old swimmer denies the reproaches of the disco operators and explained that bouncers had him "in a space pulled and quite brutally beaten up". As a result Rogans lawyer had refunded announcement because of physical injury, however, wants to get in contact "with the people responsible of the club for the clarification of the Schadensgutmachung and the possibility of an extrajudicial solution", quotes in the Austrian free newspaper "Heute". Meanwhile, exists after statement of the disco manager Fabio Palini a supervision video which should provide for clarification and prove that Rogan has fallen drunk and became from security forces hinausgeleitet, "Today" reports. The tapes are given to the Italian police which investigates meanwhile in the case. Rogan does not want to express itself on advising his lawyer now first of all any more to the case

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