August 21, 2009

Vumbi Dekula Back By Great Public Demand

Vumbi. Back by Public demand
Due to great public demand, Vumbi Dekula and Band will be playing again at Lilla Wien Bar and Restaurant on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd 2009 from 21.00 hrs (sharp). Vumbi has just released a New CD and fans have demanded that he play numbers on the CD that is increasingly taking the Lingala-Stockholm-African fraternity by storm. Come listen to Vumbi Dekula LIVE at Lilla Wien. Don’t be bored on Friday when you ought to be shaking a leg at Lilla Wien. It is always good to take a break and Vumbi says that he has the evening “packed with action”. You have been told. By the way, the CD will be on sale!!

C U at Swedenborgsgatan!

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Jose said...

yule mtu wenu munamuita Pablo Mchine mbona hatumuoni mukiimba nae lkn mitaa amejaa tele nini mbaya?