October 21, 2009

Sauti Sol - A Fresh African Experience

A few months ago while youtubing, I came across a video/tune called “Lazizi” by a group called Sauti Sol. I was like “whoa, this is a breath of fresh air and it is in Swahili too”. I advised a friend to listen to the tune. The feedback I got was “muziki gani huo (what kind of music is that)? Out of tune and boring, and it is just another love song”. I felt disappointed, and told them that they had no feel for great music and I didn’t know how to help them. I am glad to say, a few months later, the friend is in love with Sauti Sol. I didn’t force them to listen to Sauti Sol, but they “discovered” Sauti Sol on their own terms, even though they still don’t know what “nikuvutie waya” means. Well, some people are just slow.

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