August 20, 2013

Kenyan Man Drowns in Germany – Help needed to Locate His Family ASAP

Kamau A.K.A Cliff

A Kenyan living in Neuburg an der Donau, Germany only identified as Kamau is reported to have drowned on Saturday, August 17th as he swam on River Donau.
According to a police report, the 29-year-old man suddenly went under as he swam towards Leopoldinen Island. A rescue team found him 30 meters below the water surface and unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate him.
Kamau is believed to have relatives in Regensburg or elsewhere in Germany, but their contacts are not known. Failure to locate his next of kin within the next 7 days will lead to him being cremated, so it is really important for those who may know his family to contact police or the Kenyan embassy ASAP using the contact info below:
Neuburg police hotline: 08431 67110
Kenyan Embassy: 0170 5653817 (24/7 emergency number) or 030 2592660 (during working hours)

You may also reach the Kenyan community in Germany at +491604600184.

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