July 25, 2009

Failed emergency landing

After a failed emergency landing of an airplane on the airport in the north-east of Iran there have been dead people and injured persons. Aboard the Iranian machine 153 people should have been – 16 have died in the misfortune. The machine was on the flight from Teheran to Mesched in the Nordiran. Two weeks after a serious fall there has been once more an airplane misfortune with deaths in Iran: An Iljuschin 62 m of the private airline of Aria with 153 passengers caught aboard with the landing in Mesched fire. About the sacrificial figures there was different information. Deputy-transport minister Ahmad Madschidi spoke according to the state news agency IRNA of 17 dead people and more than 40 injuring. A speaker of the provincial government bragged, 16 people have died and been injured more than 25

According to Iranian media reports are among the dead people the pilots as well as flight attendants and passengers from front three rows. The misfortune happened around at 15.40 o'clock MESZ. Deputy-transport minister Ahmad Madschidi said, cockpit and tyre of the vierstrahligen airplane have caught fire. Then the machine has raced after the rolling road in a wall. The fire was fast extinguished, said a speaker of the provincial government. All people could be got fast from the wreck. The Iranian television showed pictures of a completely tattered cockpit. The remaining body was hardly damaged. Eyewitnesses reported that after the touch-down of the machine sparks sprayed and hit then flames from the main chassis. The cause of the misfortune was at first unclear. The machine with the flight number IRX-1520 was begun in Teheran and should land level-according in Mesched. The airport in Mesched was closed after the misfortune, therefore, an investigation team of the aviation authority from Teheran 850 kilometres away could not arrive first. Mesched is the capital of the province of Chorasan the second largest town in Iran and lies in the north-east of the country. Only two weeks ago 168 people had died with the fall of an air liner in Iran. Also this machine came from Russia. The Tupolew 154 of the Caspian Airlines had fallen on the way to Yerevan shortly after the start in Teheran. The cause of the fall is still unclear. President Mahmud Ahmadinedschad had arranged a thorough examination of the incident. During the past years hundreds of people have died in airplane misfortune in Iran. The government leads back the problems in the aviation on western sanctions against the Islamic country. New machines would not be sold to the country, also Iran gets no spare parts for the old airplanes

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