July 29, 2009

For years parents should have locked up handicapped child

The public prosecutor's office of Neuruppin investigates against a parental pair which for years his daughter 13-year-old today should have hidden. The girl handicapped physically and spiritually has never would been announced to the school and, besides, has been kept away from social contacts beyond the family, said a speaker of the public prosecutor's office in Neuruppin. Against the parents coming from the uckermärkischen village Lübbenow it is determined because of the suspicion of the injury of the care and education duty as well as the maltreatment by protective-ordered. A neighbour who had not seen the child for years any more had turned to the authorities. As a result the girl was got immediately from the family and was brought in a hospital. According to the public prosecutor's office no tracks which point to physical power were discovered with the medical investigation up to now.
The public prosecutor's office refers to the fact that the girl could otherwise have suffered damages by the social isolation and the absenteeism of the lessons and the spiritual impediment has thereby possibly been strengthened. The family has according to the public prosecutor's office beside the 13-year-old two other children who visit the school regularly

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