July 29, 2009

Pregnant woman baby from the body cut

A new terrible crime in a pregnant shakes the USA: In Worcester in the state Massachusetts the corpse of a woman who was cut the unborn baby of the belly was found. The 23-year-old was pregnant in the eighth month, so that the child absolutely has a survival chance as the police explained. Nevertheless, it needs immediate medical care. However, till Wednesday there was still no track of the baby. This article read on. The corpse was found on Monday evening by her renter who controlled the flat of the woman because of strong smell of putrefaction. The dead person had been wrapped in bedclothes and had been hidden in a built-in wardrobe. Apparently she was already dead several days. Their one-year-old daughter should be with relatives in security.
The police took up inquiries because of murder and began an intensive search for the baby. In the USA became during the past years repeats pregnant killed and their babies from the belly cut. Every now and then were the culprits the women who wanted to have a child

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