July 29, 2009

Schumacher comes back

The sensation of the year is perfect! Record world champion Michael Schumacher celebrates 23rd of August with Ferrari his comeback in the formula 1. The 40-year-old Kerpener will substitute for Felipe Massa who survived a horror crash in the Qualifying last with the big price of Hungary seriously injured.
"I have consulted this afternoon with Stefano Domenicali and Luca di Montezemolo and we have decided together that I will prepare to step in for Felipe", explained shoemaker on his homepage.
The sevenfold world champion should already go with the next running to Valencia for the Scuderia to the start. "Schumacher" had his last F1 appearance just three years ago with the world championship run in 2006 in Sao Paulo.
"F1 pensioner" reactivates
"If Ferrari comes up to Michael, he will argue with it", explained of shoemaker press agent Sabine Kehm still during the last days and indicated with the fact that the former Ferrari pilot is hotly on a comeback.
The German F1 fans can be glad after the bad news of BMW (climbing out in 2010) again all lights for the comeback of the year stand on "green". Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo is already on the way to Budapest in the hospital to inform Massa about this decision personally. The Brazilian is probably substituted so long with "Schumacher", until he has recovered again from his heavy head injuries.
However, a lasting application of the German in the king's class is not planned at the moment. "Although the subject Formula 1 was concluded for me for a long time and completely, I cannot ignore from attachment to the team this unhappy situation. However, as a competitor whom I am simply I am also glad about this challenge", shoemaker looked ahead optimistically on his first running as "a F1 pensioner" with the big price of Europe.
New hype for the king's class
Then another six other applications will follow probably up to the seasonal end., Among the rest, also the running in Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) 30th of August where he celebrated his first victory in the formula 1 with Benetton Ford 17 years ago. Schumacher let during years on it another 90 triumphs follow in the king's class. A brand maybe for the eternity. Second-best pilot of all times is Alain Prost (51) before Ayrton Senna (41).
But shoemaker is even more. It is the brilliant figure of the last years and at the same time new hope. After various control changes and the persistent quarrel between the international car association and the driver's union FOTA "Schumacher" of the formula 1 on grounds of his big name recognition again could give more trust and confidence. He will provide for an unexpected hype and higher ratings all spot. Time see how he is taken up in the driver's camp

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