August 01, 2009

Obama smooths waves of the racism debate with beer round

With a beer in the rose garden of the White House US-president Barack Obama has tried to defuse the racism debate around the arrest of a black Harvard professor. He received the university professor Henry Louis temporarily arrested at the middle of July gates and the policemen James Crowley on Thursday to settle a dispute with which also Obama had laid open to critics by an argumentative comment sharp. There has been "amicable and intelligent" discussion, declared Obama after the meeting. "I am persuaded that that what unites us is stronger, than that what separates us." He hopes that all partners from the incident would pull an apprenticeship, declared the US-president who had criticised the arrest of the black Harvard professor gates first as "silly". Nevertheless, he regretted this criticism, in the meantime, and expressed this also in a telephone call with the policeman Crowley. His front door had broken open on the 16th of July because of a defective castle gates. The police alarmed by neighbours arrested him as a result for a short time because of the suspicion on burglary. The professor accused the white officials of racist prejudices. However, the policemen asserted, the professor has "rioted" during her application and has not proved that he is the inhabitant of the house. To calm the debate, gates and Crowley met at invitation Obamas to a common beer round. Unexpectedly vice president Joe Biden also bumped in addition. The White House equipped of the press a short look at four men who talked at a white terrace table in apparently relaxed atmosphere. According to the information Obama drank "Bud Light", Biden an alcohol-free "Buckler". While Crowley enjoyed a beer of his favorite brand "Blue Moon", a beer from Boston drank gates. With the beer summit took care Obama at the end of the first half-year of his term of office around damage limitation. His choice of words with which he had criticised rash the "silly" behaviour of the police had released sharp criticism. Of a survey of the Pew Research according to centre 41 percent of the US citizens Obamas see action in the case critical.

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