August 01, 2009

Germans work a lot - however, have also a lot of vacation

Germans work throughout Europe with longest, however, have also exceptionally a lot of vacation. This arises from a study of the EU endowment for the improvement of the living conditions and terms of employment (EUROFOUND) in Dublin. Then the actual weekly working hours are the highest among 15 old EU countries in Austria and Germany. According to the investigation introduced in Dublin 41.2 hours per week worked full-time employee in the federal republic on an average, in Austria these were even 41.5 hours. Only in five eastern EU countries is worked even longer than in the federal republic. Therefore, front runner is Romania with 41.8 performed working hours per week. The actual weekly working hours lay in Germany with it about 3,5 hours about the rate-by contract agreed ones which is given on an average with 37.6 hours. Nevertheless, the study says nothing about the equaliser of extra hours. The actual weekly working hours in Belgium and France with 38.6 and 38.4 hours were lowest. With on an average 30 paid-up holiday days the Germans lie against it throughout Europe with at the head. Only the Swedes have an even higher right with 33 days. The EU cut lies during 25.2 days. In Cyprus and Estonia the people can be glad even only more than 20-day vacation. The study is based on information of 2008.

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