September 02, 2009

Mother in the USA expects her 19th child

She had not counted on 42 years any more with an other pregnancy, however, now the American Michelle Duggar expects her 19th child. She is with joy overpowers up and down jumped when the pregnancy test was positive, reported the multiple mother on Tuesday. «Thank you, God. Now here I stand at the age of 42 years, thinks, my baby days are over. And now you have blest me with a new one.» Read on this articleMichelle, her husband Jim Bob Duggar and her 18 children are stars of a Reality TV show on the American television and live in a 650 square metre house in Tontitown in the US state Arkansas. Professionally they administer trade real estates.
To her it goes well healthwise, and the pregnancy runs normally, including the usual early morning feeling of sickness, she explained. On the thought that it could be pregnant she has come because she has lost no weight in spite of a diet. She enjoys to play every day with her children, and still has a lot of energy.
«We want to encourage families to enjoy her children and to recognise that they are a present of God», repeated Michelle Duggar. Their latest child is eight month-old. Their oldest son Josh, 21, and his women expect in October her first child - then this girl will be about five month-older than his future aunt or his future uncle.
Now the whole family searches a name for child for number 19. All given names of ten boys and eight girls - under it two pairs of twins - begin with J: Josh (21), Jana and John-David (19), Jill (18), Jessa (16), Jinger (15), Joseph (14), Josiah (13), Joy Anna (11), Jeremiah and Jedidiah (10), Jason (9), James (8), Justin (6), Jackson (5), Johannah (3), Jennifer (2) and Jordyn-Grace (8 months).