September 24, 2009


The triple world footballer Ronaldo possibly has more children than he thought up to now. Now the 33-year-old has been obliged by a court to a fatherhood test. By DNA test should be cleared whether Ronaldo is the father of a four-year-old boy. Is walked at the head a complaint by a 27-year-old living in Singapore with name Michele which Ronaldo has got to know in 2002 during the football world championship in a bar in Tokyo. Then both met the second spot and with in August, 2004 this opportunity it became pregnant. Then in April, 2005 a boy whose is four years old today has come into the world. He has big resemblance to Ronaldos to nine-year-old son from the first marriage with the football player Milene Domingues, told the mother Michele. Footballers are simply no saints. Adrenalin, testosterone, an amount of ego, as well as genius and insanity go with the stars of the "World Game" hand to hand. These are a time drugs, then again affairs, constantly varying young women or simply "efficient" scandals

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