November 01, 2009


Daniel Chege Gichia, 39, who wed Charles Ngengi, 40, (above right) in London

The wedding has been the talk of the week in London among the Kenyan
communities. The wedding of Mr. Daniel Chege Gichia, 39, who wed Charles
Ngengi, 40, in London on Saturday 17th October, 2009. It is the first Kenyan
gay wedding in the UK where both partners are from Kenya. A team of about 20
people including the guests arrived at at Islington Council Registry Office,
Islington Town Hall, North London at 11.30 am. The bridal party consisted of
two Kenyan ladies and two Kenyan men of which one had flown from Holland for
the wedding. There was very strict instructions about the press. The press
people were denied entry to the registrar's office and even afterwards there
was a heated argument when the bridal party insisted that the press men
should leave but they had no power to do so as it was in a public place.

After the wedding, a reception ceremony followed in North London at Safari
Bar, 975 High Road, North Finchley. About 100 guests attended the reception.
There was tension at the reception as some of the security team evicted some
cameramen fearing that the news and photos would land into Kenyan
newspapers. Among the guests who attended the wedding was an older Kenyan
lady currently visiting the UK who was escorted by her three daughters.
After witnessing what was happening, the older lady said, "Ngai ûroigire
ûndehe rûraya ûnyone maûndû moru ta maya itanakua. Nîkî hihi? Kana nîkio
airîtu aya aitû maraga athuri? (God said that your should bring me abroad to
see bad deeds such as these before I die. For what reason? Or was it to see
why these young girls are without husbands?)

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hayawi hayawi tumefanikiwa kuiga kuhalalisha. tunanzia kuhalalisha tukiwa nje kisha tutahalalisha na nyumbani.